Actemium Nantes Nutrition

Actemium Nantes Nutrition, created in 1981, is a company based in Saint-Herblain, in western France.

It is dedicated to feef, which accounts for 85% of its activity. Boasting over 40 years of experience, we have excellent knowledge of your processes.

Every day, 40 engineers and technicians are involved in developing and deploying Nutriciel. Our team, specialising in automation and production management, is fully capable of advising and guiding you. It is familiar with requirements and constraints related to your business.

It works day in and day out to provide you with complete satisfaction.

An approach based on fundamentals 

  • The ability to meet your needs with a comprehensive range of solutions, from electrical wiring to ERP
  • The sustainability of the company and its solutions (investments are protected)
  • A commitment to ongoing improvement expressed as a genuine corporate culture

A shared strategic project: 

  • Regularly upgrading our solutions, products and services
  • Boosting our presence on national and international markets
  • Being attentive to opportunities for additional partnerships

Together, we come up with a solution to coordinate and manage your industrial processes.

IT specialist

We create and publish dedicated IT products


We analyse, develop and deploy process automation

Industrial computing

We undertake specific developments and integrate computer peripherals

Deployment and services

We train users (accredited organisation) and provide after-sales service : on-call support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, assistance, maintenance